EuroMillions will make 100 UK Millionaires this Friday

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This Friday night is going to be epic and you’re going to remember it for a long time. An incredible 100, yes HUNDRED, EuroMillion Lottery millionaires will be made in the UK on the night of 27th July 2012.

The EuroMillions UK Millionaire Raffle will ensure a guaranteed 100 millionaires in the UK alone, after one immensely exciting game played within minutes on just one Friday night.

EuroMillion Lottery launched the UK Millionaire Raffle based on findings from extensive research conducted on UK lotto players that they’d love to see massive jackpots to be won by UK players.

This Millionaire Raffle  gameis therefore exclusive to EuroMillion Lottery players in the UK.

This is a guaranteed jackpot, which means every draw in the UK Millionaire Raffle has to have a £1 million prize winner.

The EuroMillions Lottery game may be played online, on the go or in-store. Lotto players must first choose to play the EuroMillions game on Tuesday, Friday or both in that week.

They will also need to select the number of weeks, up to a maximum of 4 that they would like to play for.

The next step is to select the EuroMillions Lottery numbers. The players will need to choose five numbers from 1 to 50 and two Lucky Star numbers from 1 to 11. They can also opt for the Lucky Dip.

Once all the numbers have been selected, the players will have to click the ‘Play Now’ button to receive their completed EuroMillions Lottery ticket costing just £2.

Every time a lotto player buys a line of EuroMillions numbers, they will automatically be issued with a unique UK Millionaire Raffle number which will be displayed below the EuroMillions numbers in their ticket.

Thanks to the UK Millionaire Raffle, two extremely lucky UK lotto players win £1 million every week, one on a Tuesday and one on a Friday. However, EuroMillions is going absolutely crazy this Friday!

There will be not just one but ONE HUNDRED new millionaires in the UK after the televised Friday Draw Show on BBC One starting at 11.35pm on 27th July 2012.

Play EuroMillions and the UK Millionaire Raffle this Friday to have a go at this once in a lifetime opportunity. Who knows? You may just become a millionaire overnight.